The distance is guaranteed!
The distance is guaranteed!
The distance is guaranteed!
The distance is guaranteed!
The distance is guaranteed!
The distance is guaranteed!
In light of the novel COVID-19 situation, we have implemented stringent precautionary measures at our Resort to safeguard the health and well-being of our guests and colleagues. For further details, also with reference to cancellation policies and other guarantees, please consult this page.
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Via del Cigno Bianco, 5
30016 Jesolo (Venezia)
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TRAVEL INFORMATION: COVID-19 ( Update : 01/07/2022)

The well-being of our guests and colleagues has always been our top priority. In order to ease their concerns and provide a high sense of security, we continue to remain vigilant and we are implementing rigorous measures against the spread of the Coronavirus in all our hotels in Northern Italy. Undoubtedly, the management of the COVID-19 pandemic requires concerted efforts on the local, regional and international levels to ensure a clean and safe environment for our guests and colleagues. Hence, in addition to adopting the necessary precautionary processes, based on the advice of government and public health authorities, whose excellent work in Veneto is now a model known and esteemed all over the world, we have drawn up an even more stringent protocol on the company level.

Preventive measures

The sanitization of rooms and environments
As the safety and security of our guests and colleagues are a prime concern at our hotels, we have strengthened precautionary and health surveillance measures to safeguard their wellness. For this reason, Hotel Gallia & Resort decided to entrust a leading outsourcing company with the cleaning and the sanitization of the rooms. The company has been selected among the most experienced ones in terms of environments sanitizing and cleaning protocols.
Sanitizing the rooms with ozone
Ozone is the most powerful natural disinfectant currently known. It can easily reach the most hidden spots and kill almost 100% of pathogens, viruses and bacteria. Although at the moment there are not official scientific evidences that ozone, which has been recognized by the Ministry of Health as a powerful sterilizing aid, is effective against the Coronavirus, it is clear that offering a higher standard of sanitization significantly reduces the risk of contamination and provides a great sense of security to our guests and colleagues. Therefore, Hotel Gallia & Resort has decided to equip itself with professional ozone generators in order to cyclically sterilize all the rooms in the resort, thus offering guests who will book a stay of at least 5 nights through the company website free and personalized ozone sanitization of their room before the arrival.
Safety in Food & Beverage services
Compared to other high-standard hotels which have though small size and common areas, Hotel Gallia & Resort guarantees wide spaces and, consequently, great distancing among people even during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guests will have the possibility to benefit from the "Sit-down Breakfast" service and be served directly at their table, as if they were at a wedding banquet. Table service will be encouraged as much as possible in all Food & Beverage services.
Distancing and relaxation
Thanks to the huge park, the swimming pool and the private beach placed inside the boundaries of the property, looking for privacy and for the proper distancing will not be a problem at Hotel Gallia & Resort. This privilege can be easily found by visiting the photo gallery on our website.
Elevator ? “.. no problem”
The elevator, although regularly sanitized, is thought to be the least healthy place in this context. Our hotel resort is spread over a maximum of 2 floors and all rooms are easily accessible by stairs. In addition, all services are offered on the ground floor and almost always outdoors. This is undoubtedly an additional important added value at this time.

Cancellation policies and guarantees

Cancellation policies for direct bookings to Hotel Gallia & Resort
With immediate effect, we will provide a full refund on cancellations for our guests’ bookings for stays up to and including 30 June, 2020 (cancellations can be made up to 1 day before arrival). This date may be revised and re-evaluated depending on the health situation development, and we may exercise some flexibility on this policy on a case-by-case basis.

Cancellation policies for third-party bookings to Hotel Gallia & Resort
For bookings made by a travel agent or an online booking platform such as,, etc., guests will need to contact their agent or booking site and refer to their terms and conditions regarding refunds and cancellation fees. Now more than ever, not only for the evident cost effectiveness, direct bookings through our website are therefore highly recommended.

“Complimentary Covid Stay” Guarantee
The probability of getting in touch with the Covid-19 at our hotel, thanks to the distancing and sanitizing benefits described above, can be considered extremely limited. Jesolo, together with other places of the North-Eastern coast, has been one of the least affected areas, with an infinitesimal percentage of the population. However if for any reason also not attributable to the stay in our resort, one of our guests should be affected by the infection and need to be hospitalized at the Covid Hospital of Jesolo during their holidays, Hotel Gallia & Resort will guarantee free BB accommodation for their family in the room already booked, starting from the date of hospitalization until the day of discharge, for a maximum of 14 days.

Social Responsibility and Healthcare

Social Responsibility
Our group of hotels has always tried to stand out for Corporate Social Responsibility, integrating concerns about social, ecological and ethical impact with the strategic business vision, also by sharing significant international projects. To this end, one of the hotel our our group, Best Western Park Hotel Continental in San Donà di Piave, has made its contribution by offering 100 free nights to the medical personnel involved in the Covid-19 emergency and recruited by the territorial socio-health company Ulss 4 Veneto Orientale.

Healthcare and Covid Hospital of Jesolo
Through the "Vacanze in Salute” (Healthy Holidays) program, the socio-health company Ulss 4 Veneto Orientale has been guaranteeing for years an outstanding healthcare service to tourists, placing a first aid point every 15 km, from Bibione to Cavallino-Treporti. Jesolo Hospital was chosen by Veneto region as Covid Center. The best technologies and medical excellence are thus employed in Coronavirus cure within a couple of minutes from the hotel.