In light of the novel COVID-19 situation, we have implemented stringent precautionary measures at our Resort to safeguard the health and well-being of our guests and colleagues. For further details, also with reference to cancellation policies and other guarantees, please consult this page.
T. +39 0421 961018
T. (зима) +39 370 330 1625


Via del Cigno Bianco, 5
30016 Jesolo (Venezia)
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EASY DRIVE All Inclusive

The EASY DRIVE12 days offer includes Bed and Breakfast:


Imagine you leaving in a car with people you love  

Imagine a full car , the water for the trip, hands raised out of the window .

Imagine , now , an endless queue of holidaymakers . . 

STOP .. slows

Say goodby and CIAO to all them, smile, .. and SPEEDS UP TO YOUR HOLIDAY TO THE SEA   

The tail is in the opposite lane . 

Take the advantage of the EASY DRIVE OFFER for your holiday at the Gallia in Jesolo .. 
You will save the 3 days of tail direct on your bill. For reservation within 15/6/2020 you can also enjoy 10% discount on all Food and beverage services-  

Check the availabiliy with arrival  Sunday or Monday  Arrival and book the FREE ROAD with EASY DRIVE!

Offer valid for  reservatios of 1 2 nights with arrival on Sunday  or Monday. 

Only 5 rooms available per day for this time offer. Stay 5 nights, Saturday not included, and save...
Only 7 rooms available for this special time offer.. 7 days stay ad the cost of 6 and a special 10...
Book at least 7 days to enjoy 1 day for free and a special experience. That's not all: free soft...