Piscina Fronte mare
Piscina Fronte mare
Piscina con Bar
Piscina con Bar
Spiaggia privata
Spiaggia privata
In light of the novel COVID-19 situation, we have implemented stringent precautionary measures at our Resort to safeguard the health and well-being of our guests and colleagues. For further details, also with reference to cancellation policies and other guarantees, please consult this page.
T. +39 0421 961018
T. (winter) +39 370 330 1625


Via del Cigno Bianco, 5
30016 Jesolo (Venezia)
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2020: New comfort and well-being
Wooden floors in all bedrooms

Yoga Time

It is the process of seeking that drives us forward, searching for happiness, a yearning for contentedness. But the path leads us through the inner centre, and it is this that we want to share with you in the yoga sessions offered at our hotel. Find your relax and balance in our age-old pinienwood. Our intensive yoga workout is a perfect way of experiencing yoga holidays!

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